Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Quiz--Copyedit For Conciseness

Copyedit the following for conciseness:

1. "The first year that Mardi Gras was celebrated on a grand scale in Galveston was 1871, with the emergence of two rival Mardi Gras societies, or "krewes": the Nights of Momus (known only by the initials "K.O.M.") and the Knights of Myth, both of which devised night parages, masked balls, exquisite costumes and elaborate invitations."

2. "South Padre Island, the premier beach resort on the Texas coast, is just minutes from Harlingen."

3. "Experience the history and beauty of the Vatican through a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view its extraordinary collections of art and historical objects, including many never before on view to the public."

4. "With Brownsville's variety of lodgings, we can accommodate any budget, location, need, or lifestyle."

5. "Drop by the Alpharetta Welcome Center in the heart of historic downtown for a glimpse into the charm and vitality of our city."

6. "Chamblee's Rose Nursery is a family business that has been producing fine quality roses from our Tyler location since 1953."

7. "It is a premier North American site that documents a continuous human presence on the South Plains for the last 12,000 years, along with many extinct large animals."

8. "Located on an early settler's homestead in historic Independence, Texas, the eight acre retail display garden is beautifully landscaped featuring romantic old garden roses, native plants, old-fashioned cottage garden perennials, herbs and a wildflower meadow."

9. "In 1977 Georgetown wsa the recipient of the Great American Main Street Award, the first Texas city to achieve this honor for revitalization of the downtown area."

10. "Overnight guests of Keswick Hall are awarded temporary membership into the private Keswick Club and have full access to its outstanding amenities."

Remember, for the first person to send in correct answers receives one free hour of copyediting anything except homework!

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