Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why Learn To Write?

Why learn to write?
Well, we need to--for school, obviously, since so much homework involves writing, but there is also work. We need to learn to write an effective resume, cover letter, thank-you-for-the-interview letter, and any other writing involved in the job search. We also need to learn to write for the job, because no matter what sort of job we have, there's the possibility of having to write something, be it memo, report, or presentation, and poor writing skills will not impress our employer, no matter our talent for our particular job. It is fine to use slang, abbreviation, or dialect words in e-mails or letters to friends--I certainly do--but when it comes to formal occasions, we need to know how to write Standard English, just like we need to learn how to speak Standard English on formal occasions such as job interviews, meetings, etc.

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