Friday, July 10, 2009

Copyediting Exercise

Something different for a Friday . . . a copyediting exercise, taken from exercises in Michael L. Murdock's Writing Clearly and Effectively. I'll post my solutions on Monday.

1.Translate this group of words into one word: due to the fact that

2. Rewrite by reducing or rearranging words: The order for Model X2 may have been misplaced by the Shipping Department, which is sometimes overloaded with orders during the first week of the month, and the overloading causes confusion among the employees there.
The confused Shipping Department employees, overwhelmed by orders, may have misplaced the Model X2 order.

3. Make the following sentence into a positive statment or question: Are you concerned about your sloppy, ungrammatical writing?
Make sure you write grammatically and concisely.

4. Rewrite the following sentence to correct errors in grammar and clarity: The sloppiness of her work was a specific factor cited as a reason for her dismissal.
They dismissed her because of sloppy work.

5. Correct any errors in this sentence: Will you wave your rights to keep the boundary line?
Will you waive your rights to keep the boundary line?

6. Correct the punctuation: Stop the meeting Its break time
Stop the meeting. It's break time.

7. Correct the wrong word: His mood on Friday had an affect on his productivity.
On Friday his mood had an effect on his productivity.

8. According to our records we are in receipt of your letter under date of July 8.
Our records show we received your July 8 letter.

9. Your appointment waiting to see you.
Your appointment is waiting to see you.

10. There is an air conditioner in the office, so the air keeps cool and fresh.
The office air conditioner keeps the air cool and fresh.


Murdock, Michael L. Writing Clearly and Effectively. 2nd ed. Washington, D.C.: Transemantics Incorporated.

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