Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Works

After so many posts about what doesn't work, it's time to have some posts about what does work, and why. Eventually I'll find a well-written article on the 'net and post the link. I do
know of one very well-written article--a superb comparison/contrast article about EastEnders that appeared in Vanity Fair in the early '90s, but that was so long ago that it's not even in their online archives (yes, I checked . . . just in case).

Here's a sentence with correct punctuation: "After all, Alfred ruled in the late 800s and then only in Wessex, a southern English kindom centred on Winchester."

There aren't any problems in the above sentence. A comma follows the introductory phrase, and a comma precedes the explanatory clause. The only thing different is the spelling of centred, and that only because this sentence is from an article in a magazine about Britain.

More positive examples tomorrow.


Hargan, Jim. "The England That Alfred Made." British Heritage (September 2004): 36.

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