Thursday, August 13, 2009

Book Review: The Simon Peter Principles by Keith S. Hodges

The Simon Peter Principles by Keith S. Hodges

Keith S. Hodges writes of how Simon Peter changed from a person of impetuosity to a person of steadfastness and servant spirit for God. Hodges adapts the “Peter Principles” from business as a frame for his discussion of the apostle. He takes each principles and discussses Simon Peter’s life and spiritual growth in its terms, making application from appropriate incidents in his life. He also applies each step in Simon Peter’s growth in terms of the lives of Christians in personal spiritual growth, evangelism, and edification of fellow Christians.

The book is realistic and encouraging. He writes in a conversational, accessible style and uses examples from Scripture and from contemporary life. He also encourages readers to go to the Bible and read for themselves the passages he discusses. This book could be used in Bible classes on Sunday or Wednesday, weekday studies, college classes, or individuals’ studies on their own.


Hodges, Keith S. The Simon Peter Principles. Hurst, Texas: Star Bible, 2007.

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